4D Nipple Reconstruction

4D NippleSM Breast Reconstruction

What is 4D NippleSM Reconstruction?

When Nipple Sparing Mastectomy (“NSM”) isn’t an option or breast reconstruction takes place at a time after mastectomy (“delayed reconstruction”), the newly reconstructed breast may be completed with a recreation of the nipple as the finishing touch.

There are two innovative ways used at the Center For Restorative Breast Surgery to restore the nipple after mastectomy. The nipple may be recreated using either 3D or 4D technique. Both are designed to highlight the beauty of our procedures that restore feminine form.

The “4D NippleSM takes the art of nipple reconstruction to the next level.

When is it Used?

4D NippleSM Restoration is used when the nipple is lost to mastectomy as a part of the treatment plan. Most women are candidates for nipple preservation with Nipple Sparing Mastectomy but for those who have had mastectomy in the past or require resection of the nipple with their mastectomy design, 4D nippleSM creation may be used to recreate a nearly identical match to a natural nipple.

The 4D NippleSM is appropriate for women who wish to have a finishing touch applied to their breast reconstruction with a physical reality within the restored nipple color. 4D NippleSM Restoration provides both dimensional coloration and a realism that comes with a subtle and carefully designed nipple prominence within the depth of the visual color restoration.

What are the Benefits?

There are a number of benefits of the 4D NippleSM. Application of color and palpable dimension to the well-shaped breast reconstruction restores realism to the overall result. Nipple restoration also provides a focal point with the breast mound that reduces the appearance of scar lines in the reconstructed breast. This added benefit can provide the perfect finishing touch to the sophisticated techniques pioneered at the Center and close the circle of recovery and restoration of wholeness for the women we care for.

What are the Risks?

As with any surgery, the risks of surgery can be minimized by carefully following your pre-surgical instructions. If you have other medical problems or items that increase your risk, we will work with you to educate you on proper preparation and arrange your clinical care regimen to maximize your safety and proper recovery.

The Procedure


4D NippleSM Reconstruction is completed in a phased sequence. The initial procedure allows for creation of a physical nipple presence of the proper dimension to enhance the overall result. Visual depth and color restoration is then completed under sterile conditions in the clinic at The Center for Restorative Breast Surgery. The pigment may be applied, in most circumstances, 3-4 months after breast reconstruction is complete.


Your 4D NippleSM will generally be completed at the time of your touch-up after your primary breast reconstructive procedure. At the time of the finishing pigment application in the clinic, you will be escorted into the minor procedure room where you will be made comfortable. Your artist will discuss your preference regarding pigment tone and other details related to completing the 4D Nipple Restoration. Then careful design markings will be applied and the pigment application is completed.


Your artist and our clinic staff will give you care instructions following the completion of your procedure. Careful attention to post-care will ensure the best possible outcome in your newly reconstructed 4D NippleSM.


If you are traveling from out of state or internationally for care with us, you may generally return home the same day of your procedure if you wish.

We Are Here For You

Be reassured that you are being attended to by some of the most highly skilled and dedicated healthcare providers in the world. Do your best to relax knowing that we are going to take excellent care of you from the moment you enter our facility. Do not hesitate to ask for any special needs you may have.